Ornamental Grasses


Ornamental grasses are a landscape recipe for using simplicity to create beauty. Ranging in shape, color, and size, grasses mimic the aesthetic of the native landscape. They can be used as an accent plant, be placed organically within the garden to add interest, or be planted in a formal row to create a strong sense of rhythm and repetition.

While many perennials lack seasonal interest in the winter months, ornamental grasses can provide texture and color all year long. Many colors, ranging from blue to red, purple, and yellow, emanate from flowering heads during the growing season. While colors may be less vibrant in the winter, textures often persist.

Grasses can also create a sense of motion in the landscape, portraying the essence of prairie waves.  Overall, being drought tolerant, and relatively pest and disease free, grasses provide an ecologically sound planting option.


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