Types of Fire Rings

2BR, Fire Ring, Dry-stack Chief Cliff

A fire ring can provide a space for family and friends to gather without modern world distractions. Options for fire rings are numerous, and you are likely to find a style that will match your outdoor living space and budget.

A simple dry-stack chief cliff stone fire ring with a gravel base (photo right) is easy to build, and costs around $1,000 for materials and labor. Note, stone is expensive and if you have existing site stone on your property this price can be reduced significantly.

A masoned stone fire ring (photo left) is more complex to build and costs around $4,000. It consists of a pre-cast concrete riser with masonry veneer and a capstone. The interior is lined with fire bricks, and it can be hard lined to a propane source.

Pre-made modular fire features fit outdoor living spaces with a contemporary style (photo bottom) and they can be economical. Starting at $1,500, modular features increase in price with their level of craftsmanship and material usage. They are simple to install and can be fueled by a propane tank, or hard lined to a propane source.

M@MA, Modular Fire Feature, low rez 2


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