Types of Address Stones

Entrance Pillar, Streibich, low rez

Your driveway entrance is the first impression of your home. An address stone placed at the start of your drive can signal to guests that they are entering into a space with thoughtful design, and a heightened level of craftsmanship.

Address stones can be customized with their material use and form to mimic the theme of your home’s architectural and landscape details. For example, if native site stone is used for accent boulders in your managed landscape, and you choose the same stone for your address stone, it may unify the landscaping details on your property.

Popular address stone options include:

1. A stone with attached metal numbering (photo left)

2. A stone veneer column with attached metal numbering (photo right).

3. A stone with lettering sandblasted into it (photo bottom). Sandblasted lettering can be more expensive than metal lettering.


Address Stone, Sandblasted

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