Efficient Mechanics: LED Lighting

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Thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your front entry path or back patio? White Cloud Design specs LED landscape lighting for every project.

LED, or “light-emitting diodes” produce light when an electrical current passes through them. Compared to both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED light fixtures are significantly more efficient and have a longer lifespan. Using less energy with LEDs, your electrical bill will be smaller, as well as your impact on the environment.


Additional advantages of LEDs include:

1. Insects are not attracted to the lights since they do not give off UV rays.

2. Harmful materials, such as mercury, are not contained within the lights.

3. Lights give off less heat making them safer to put near vegetation.

4. Bulbs are not sensitive to cold temperatures or humidity.

5. Bulbs are a directional light source allowing you to fine tune your lighting and direct light in a specific direction.

6. Bulbs turn on instantly and do not need time to warm up.

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