Deer Resistant Plants


2BR, Munstead Lavender 4, low rez

One of the biggest challenges with creating beautiful gardens in Montana is deer. Most of us can relate to the heart breaking experience of discovering plants, that we have nurtured for months, now munched to the ground.

A part from building an eight foot high fence around our entire property, what are we to do? Well, the good news is that there are some plants that deer do not find tasty to their palate and will only eat when food is scarce.

Munstead Lavender (photo right), Daylillys, and Red Velvet Yarrow (photo left) are all perennials that are adapted to our climate, look beautiful, and best of all, will not get eaten.

Mops Mugo Pine, Spirea, and Potentilla are shrubs that you can also count on, and Blue Oat Grass (bottom) and Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass are two ornamental grasses that do great.

Luckily these eight plants are just a sample of the long list of deer resistant plants that do well in Montana. Local nurseries are a great place to find additional deer resistant plants that will do well in your area.

Blue Oat Grass, cropped


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